Hello, my name is Geraldine Evins and I'm the creator and owner of For Your Good Health Soap. I was born in Mississippi and raised by my grandparents.  The majority of everything we had and used was raised or handmade.  It was my grandmother who made all the soap for our family. At that time I did not appreciate how outstanding of a soul she possessed, nor did I value her unusual work ethic. A few years ago I was given some handmade soap and noticed after a week of using it that my skin wasn’t as dry as it had been before. It was then that I remembered my grandmother’s soap. We didn’t have a lot of the skin issues that plague many people today. Her recipe was never written down but it would be the very inspiration for my own creation. Through many hours of research, and trial and error of various essential oils, I found a variety of ones that are used to soothe and nourish your skin. My soap is made for the health and general well-being of the human body and  I thoroughly enjoy using it to this very day. I truly hope you consider using For Your Good Health Soap to nourish your skin and body as well.

                                                         With love and suds,

                                                         Ms. Geraldine Evins